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Classes are 60 minutes. Your first introductory class is totally FREE.

 20   classes  $12.00 / Hour.
 10   classes  $14.00 / Hour.
  5    classes  $15.00 / Hour.

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One-on-One Lessons

More Testimonials

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Lori Byron, MD

Hardin MT - 406-671-5824

After years of ineffectual self-study, I started EcuSpanish sessions. Initially, I was uncertain of even saying, “how are you?” And, at age 58, wondered if my brain could learn a new language!.

I meet weekly with Carlos, who is patient and kindly corrective. We now talk politics, world news, philosophy, sports, and family. My Spanish has improved tremendously, and I understand more about the world. A recent visit to rural Latin America convinced me that I can survive in Spanish! Carlos has become a friend and remains a teacher.

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Bill Crawford

President - Intuitive Management System Inc.

Carlos was my first online teacher. I have used various internet immersion courses such as Pimsleur, Synergy Spanish and others. They all have been helpful, but when I had to engage in real conversation, I froze like a deer in headlights.

Carlos was the teacher who opened the door to conversational Spanish. I am now able to hold an entire conversation on a variety of topics using only Spanish. In our conversation, he pushed me to greater heights of using the language in all of its forms.

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Greg Williams

Kingsport, Tennessee

More than four years ago, I began taking Spanish lesson with Carlos for my graduate thesis work, and have continued with him throughout my PhD studies.

Because of his jovial and patient demeanor, as well as his ability to talk intelligently on a range of topics (e.g., global politics, history, culture and sports, classical philosophy, and popular culture), his ability to help his students learn is both broadly and deeply contextualized.

I strongly recommend Carlos to students at any level.

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Kristina Mcirvin

Kenmore, Washington

My children have been taking lessons through EcuSpanish for the past year and are now far more confident in their ability to speak and understand Spanish. My friend from Spain has told me that their accents are excellent thanks to the help of Carlos and his patient teaching. In order to learn to speak a language, you need more than a book.

EcuSpanish lesson provide the opportunity to actually communicate with native speaker at very reasonable price. For me, the flexibility of scheduling the lesson based on what is convenient for my family rather than being stuck with a set schedule has been very helpful. I believe that becoming fluent in a second language is an essential part of my children’s education, and I am very happy with the progress that have made toward the goal.

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