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Our excellent tutors are ready to start a fun and very professional adventure in teaching Spanish.
Therefore, you can choose one of them and enjoying this experience.
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Jeanina Cáceres

She lives in Quito, Ecuador. She studied Educational Sciences at the Central University of Ecuador. Jeanina has a degree in teaching Spanish. She has more than 15 years of experience teaching Spanish.

She has strong knowledge in teaching methodologies, language morphology and phonology. 

Her way of teaching languages is based on the very popular communicative approach, which says that it is better when people learn a foreign language to communicate in real situations because it makes the language meaningful and unforgettable. She likes reading, and spending time with her family and friends.

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Carlos Panchi

Carlos was born in Quito, Ecuador. He studied Educational Sciences at the Central University of Ecuador. He has a degree in teaching Spanish. He also studied economic and political sciences and complemented his studies with English and French.

Carlos also published the text: "Learn Spanish in Ecuador". He loves to teach Spanish. He has 15 years of experience teaching Spanish to students from around the world. In his free time he enjoys doing many activities with his family such as: volleyball, soccer, swimming, singing, reading and also bicycling.

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Johanna Haro

Johanna is from Quito, Ecuador. She got her degree in Education of Languages from the oldest university in Ecuador, UCE. That’s why she has a lot of experience teaching English to Ecuadorian students from all ages in her country. She also has experience teaching Spanish to foreign tourists; moreover, she has lived in the USA for about two years and there she shared her culture and native Spanish with Americans (kids and grownups).

She loves languages and exploring cultures, so she has visited Germany, Italy, France. In her free time, she likes to play charango and improve new languages. As a teacher she is very patient, communicative and friendly, she loves helping in her student’s progress.

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Pablo Oña

He is a Spanish teacher with great dedication and passion for work, with excellent communication skills demonstrated by more than 16 years of experience. High level in different conversation topics in Spanish.

Specialist in dealing with students from various countries of the world and achieve good learning results in the classes. Responsible and very patient. Pablo is also an Engineer in Business Administration, at the Central University of Ecuador.

In his free time he enjoys doing many activities such as: volleyball, soccer, reading and playing the guitar.

About Us

EcuSpanish was formed by a small group of talented Ecuadorian professionals who specialize in teaching Spanish. Every selected teacher has many years of experience using appropriate teaching techniques and methods for optimal results in learning Spanish. Based out of Quito – Ecuador, we connect with students from around the world who for various reasons have decided to learn this important language though with personalized (one -on -one) lesson by Skype.

Additionally, the investment is quite small, especially when to compare to the intellectual and cultural benefits one receives from learning a new language.

Remember! There is nothing better than learning a new language from a native speaker, and even better if he or she is from Ecuador. This beautiful Latin American country is one of the top-rated countries in the world to learn Spanish by lonely planet and of course by the thousands of tourists who visit each year just to learn the language. So if you want to start getting involved in the wonderful world of Spanish, you can take a free class right now and experience it for yourself.

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