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100% Free and Guaranteed.
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Daniel R. Eagle

Senior Corporate Sales Director  - United States

My Spanish learning experience with EcuSpanish has been exceptional. Professor Carlos Panchi and his team of educator professionals are highly qualified. I have found then to be friendly, patient, prompt, and flexible with learning plans. Learning a new language is challenging. EcuSpanish understands this. It is also about establishing learning environments that meet the needs of their students.

EcuSpanish students have their choice of educators and time slots. No group meetings. Nothing but learning Spanish, accomplishing goals, and having a little fun. Quite simply stated, you will not find a better value in online learning of Spanish than with EcuSpanish.

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Daniela Hippler

United States

I started working with Ecuspanish to revive my Spanish skills.

I had studied Spanish at university, but without practice it is tough to maintain a language. In the two years that I’ve been working with my instructor.

My Spanish comprehension and speaking skills have improved dramatically, and I am a lot more confident speaking Spanish with friends or while traveling. In each class, we discuss a range of topics, which helps me broaden my vocabulary and practice a range of grammar. I also find it very motivating to work with a “live” instructor - so much better than working with an app!

Overall, I would highly recommend Ecuspanish, whether you are a beginner or more advanced student.

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Lance Ness


EcuSpanish is a great way to learn, maintain, and improve Spanish language skills. I'm a retiree, began studying Spanish n later life at intensive schools in Costa Rica and Mexico.

I have to say that the ability to have a lesson whenever I want, by Skype, wherever I am is exactly what I need now. Not only that, but I have taken classes on my own schedule for two years. I think EcuSpanish is first-rate.

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Evelyn Symington

Filmmaker - Los Angeles, California

I began my EcuSpanish lessons with only basic conversational skills and little grammar knowledge. With the EcuSpanish blend of grammar exercises and an emphasis on conversation, I now feel comfortable discussing complex topics and ideas.

My teacher Carlos is encouraging and an excellent conversationalist; we discuss a broad range of topics every class. He mixes grammar fundamentals and challenging conversation, so l've progressed rapidly in my Spanish while having a lot of fun!

Why you should choose EcuSpanish:

1. Free Trial

We offer a free 35-minute trial class. This is enough for tutors to demonstrate their experience and quality. We feel that this is sufficient in giving our students the opportunity to make a decision.


2. Very Affordable Price

We offer every lesson at very affordable price. You can also take 35-minute lessons for adults or children. Our flexible schedules allow this to be an easy option.


3. We are the best

Our teachers are "The Best" and all with years of experience and have that very typical Ecuadorian charisma. So needless to say more, come and try lessons with us for yourself.

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